FAQ: Black Flag How To Get Fragment Off Kingston Manor?


How do I get the fragment in Kingston?

In reference to the Animus Fragment in the trees between two branches ( Kingston ). Climb to the top branch and, press O to hang and turn to face the fragment.

How do you get the Animus fragments in Black Flag?

Most fragments are easily collected by running or jumping to them. Some are more difficult to get to, but you can always use the environment to reach them. Look for forked trees, lines, or cliffs nearby.

Where is the tavern in Kingston Black Flag?

It’s on the bottom left, right where the city part stops, and becomes more countryside.

Where do you find Hutia in Black Flag?

Hutia Hide is collected by hunting down Hutia found abundantly in Long Bay, Cayman Sound, and Jiguey. Make your way to Long Bay, Kingston, Cape Bonavista, Principe, Cat Island, or Tortuga to get your hands on some Howler Monkey skins.

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Where is the treasure in Kingston?

Misteriosa | Treasure maps AC IV: Black Flag Guide The map will take you to Kingston. On the Eastern promontory, right next to the life boat you will find the ship board side and the three chests arranged in the shape of triangle. The treasure is in the middle.

What is the point of Animus fragments?

In Black Falg they are “Required to complete Abstergo challenges and unlock cheats, as well as emblems and titles for the multiplayer mode.”

What happens if you get all the Animus fragments in Black Flag?

Collecting all the animus fragments just gives an abstergo challenge completed.

What is the deceased crew cheat?

Video: How Cheats Work in Assassin’s Creed 4

Cheat Effect # of Challenges to Unlock
Dead Men Tell No Tales Makes Edward and the Jackdaw invincible 70
Shiver me Timbers Turns enemies into Rabbids 80
Armed to the Teeth Both Edward and the Jackdaw have unlimited Ammunition 90
Deceased Crew Gives the Jackdaw a skeleton crew 100


How do I unlock taverns?

Taverns can be unlocked by approaching the jug icon on the map, going inside and then interacting with the bartender. As you do a small bar fight will break out and you will have to fight off four men in hand-to-hand combat. Once you have beaten them all up, the tavern will now be usable.

How do you unlock the tavern in Kingston?

If you start from the port go directly left till there is the last intersection that go to the right(because if you go forward youll go toward the windmill) then after you turn just go straight onward (so that you go up the map) and look at the buildings on your right,the tavern will eventually show up.

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Where are all the elite plans in Black Flag?

You will find elite hull armor upgrade design plan in the San Ignacio underwater shipwreck at the 379,770. You will find elite round shot strength upgrade design plan in the Kabah Ruins underwater shipwreck at 769,145; inside the lower level of the ruins on the other side.

How do you kill the white whale in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag?

White Whale Skin is a Crafting item you can obtain by harpooning a White Whale or buying a White Whale Skin from a shop for 20,000 R. While it is possible to hunt the white whale with a level 2 rowboat, It’s best to have level 3 harpoons and a level 3 harpoon storage to kill it.

Where are the deer in Kingston Black Flag?

Hunting Animal Locations

Animal Resource Location
Crocodile Crocodile Leather Tulum, Nassau, Long Bay, Isla Providencia, Matanzas
Deer Deer Hide Kingston, Satnanillas, Salt Lagoon, Principe
Green Iguana Iguana Leather Abaco Island, Andreas Island
Hutia Hutia Hide Long Bay, Cayman Sound, Jiguey


How much does jaguar pelt sell for in Black Flag?

Take down crocodiles, then hit the ocean in search of sharks.

Animal Habitat Sell Price
Howler Monkey Kingston, Cape Bonavista, Principe, Long Bay, Cat Island, Tortuga 100
Jaguar Cape Bonavista, Principe, Tulum 200
Black Jaguar Pinos Isle, Isla Providencia 300
Crocodile Nassau, Long Bay, Isla Providencia, Tulum, Matanzas 200


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