FAQ: How To Access The Blakely Manor Amazon Lockers?


How do I use Amazon hub locker?

To use an Amazon Hub Locker as your shipping destination, find a Locker and add it to your Amazon address book. Then, during checkout, select the Locker as your shipping address. Once your package has been delivered, we will email you a unique 6 digit code.

Does Amazon still have lockers?

Lockers are currently available in various locations in the U.S. Instead of having a package delivered to your home or business address, you can have it delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker location and collect your package at a time that suits you.

What can be delivered to Amazon locker?

If the following applies, your order is eligible for delivery to an Amazon Hub Locker:

  • Be sold or fulfilled by Amazon.ca.
  • Not be a Subscribe & Save item.
  • Have product dimensions smaller than 42 x 35 x 32 cm.
  • Have a shipping weight that is less than 4.5 kg.
  • Does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery.

Are Amazon lockers for Prime members only?

Once your order has been delivered, Amazon will send you a six-digit code for your Locker. Amazon Prime subscribers will typically receive their items in two days, but you don’t have to be a Prime member to use Amazon Lockers. Quick tip: Amazon Lockers are actual lockers, so they have size limitations.

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Is Amazon hub locker faster than home delivery?

But there’s an alternative benefit— Amazon Locker shipments often get delivered sooner than home shipments. We’ve switched from home delivery to locker delivery to get a package days sooner on multiple occasions. You can usually tell when an Amazon Locker shipment will be faster; Amazon will update the shipping date.

Do I get paid for hosting an Amazon locker?

As to getting paid by Amazon for hosting the lockers, it has been reported Amazon offers some stipends, but in most cases, the lockers are placed for free.

Why are some items not eligible for Amazon locker?

Amazon Hub Locker All items are sold or fulfilled by Amazon.com. The total value is less than $5,000. The shipment contains no hazardous materials. The order does not contain Subscribe & Save items.

How long can items stay in Amazon locker?

Original question: how long does a package ordered to an Amazon Locker stay held in before it is removed? Once a package arrives at the Locker, you have three days to pick it up. If you fail to pick it up it is shipped back.

Do you need ID for Amazon locker?

Amazon requires a signature and photo identification to verify your age. It isn’t possible to request delivery of these items to a locker. See About Age Restrictions for more information. Was this information helpful?

How do I get my product from Amazon hub locker?

Collect a Package at an Amazon Hub Locker

  1. Go to the Locker location.
  2. Locate the 6-digit pickup code and barcode in your delivery confirmation email.
  3. Enter your pickup code on the touch-screen display or scan the barcode using the Locker scanner. The scanner is located directly beneath the touch screen of the Locker.
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What if package is too big for Amazon locker?

Items may be too large or heavy to fit into a P.O. Box. These items must instead be delivered to a street address. These items cannot be delivered to an Amazon Locker and must instead be delivered to a street address.

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