FAQ: How To Beat Lonesom Manor?


How do you beat Mad Doctor’s attic in Epic Mickey?

To defeat the Mad Doctor using the sketches, and to earn an extension to your paint meter, you’ll need to get more creative. There are three power pads throughout the area. One is a TV-activated one, along the left side of the room as you face the Mad Doctor. To the right from there, on a raised ledge, is a second one.

How do you fix the paintings in Epic Mickey?

Method 1. By using the elevator and rotating the sections of each of the paintings using the Spin Attack to put them in order, Mickey can solve the puzzle himself.

How do I get into Lonesome Manor?

Enter Lonesome Manor is a quest given at the beginning of the Manor House area. To complete the quest, Mickey must get an Anvil Sketch from the chest that the Mad Doctor left behind or from Gremlin Neville who is trapped behind one of the toon windows.

How do you get to easy bog in Epic Mickey?

While you’re in town, you should also look around for the building with a blue archway over its door. You’ll find it on the left side of the street. Enter it and you’ll find a book, which you can then hold onto if you like. You can also take it back to Ian (remember, he’s on the island in the swamp, near to Bog Easy ).

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How do you beat the mad doctor?

To defeat the Doctor, Mickey must either destroy the Beetleworx generators, or reassemble the tracks in the attic. In order to increase Mickey’s thinner capacity, the generators that are creating various Beetleworx must be destroyed.

How do you turn off the last replicator in Epic Mickey 2?

To disable the replicators, look for a wire on the floor that needs to be painted in. This will cause some seats to pop up out of the floor which may be used to climb up to the top levels where the consoles can be found, painted in, and shut down by Oswald. With the replicators dealt with, a new door will open.

How do you get to bog easy?

Bog Easy can be accessed, beginning in Episode 2, through the Skeleton Dance v1 Projector Screen in Mean Street North. Bog Easy consists of three separate areas – the entry area, the second area reached by going into then through the shop in the first area, and the area reached through the boathouse.

How do I fix my bog easy train station?

Speak to the train conductor in the station next to the TV station. He’ll moan about the station being blocked by debris, and suggest using an anvil to clear it. Get the anvil sketch from Tiki Sam’s shop, then return and drop one on the debris. Speak to the train conductor again to get a pin.

How do you get Clarabelle to be Horace’s assistant?

To have Clarabelle as Horace’s assistant, you need to get Jones’s compass from Scurvy Pat by taking a picture of him holding the compass. (Do NOT thin him. Thining him will force you to quit the mission). Then acquire the compass from Pat, then give it to Horace.

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