FAQ: How To Get The Key To Water Jet Manor?


How do I get thornbridge Manor keys?

Rebecca may be in the Sitting Room; if she’s not, wait for her to enter. After trying to talk with the Bodyguard, she’ll go to the fireplace to make a phone call. Quickly knock him out with the Feather Duster, then do the same to Rebecca to get the Key to Rebecca’s Bedroom.

Where is the boat key hitman?

Club 27 – When playing on Master difficulty, the speedboat key is located in suite 205 on a table in the bedroom. It must be obtained to escape via the boat, unlike easier difficulty levels.

How do you get the room keys in Hitman 3?

If you do not have poison, knock out the maid in the hallway and stash her in the nearby cupboard. Now let Rebecca go to the fireplace in the Trophy Room. Knock her out when the bodyguard is looking away and drop her in the chest to the left of the door. Go back to where she fell and pick up the key to her room.

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How do you get into Mr Fernsby’s office?

How to Get Inside Mr. Fernsby’s Office in Hitman 3

  1. To get inside the room you need to first locate a crowbar.
  2. Go behind the house near the Greenhouse.
  3. At the spot, you will find some gardeners sharing dialogues.
  4. Pick up the crowbar and go towards Mr.
  5. You can now break the door to the office using the crowbar.

Where are the keys in death in the family?

You can use it to leave the mission area, but you need to have the keys. They’re inside the locked greenhouse (10 on the map).

Where are the keys in Dartmoor?

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Keys Guide

  • Greenhouse Key. The greenhouse is one of the toughest areas to get into in Dartmoor.
  • Fernsby’s Office Key. Fernsby is the butler here in Dartmoor.
  • Emma and Gregory’s Room Key. Emma might have the greenhouse key, but Gregory has the key to his and Emma’s room.
  • Rebecca’s Room Key.
  • Master Key.

Where is the master vampire in hitman?

The Vampire Magician disguise spawn is lying on the ground on the other side of the statue, right next to the statue in the middle of the room. The nearest starting location you can choose during mission planning is the Attic, requiring a Mission Mastery level of 14 for Paris.

Who killed Zachary Hitman 3?

The Hitman 3 Death in the Family mission in the style of a classic “Whodunnit?” story where everyone is a possible suspect in Zachary Carlisle’s murder. Zachary Carlisle’s killer is Emma, who did it in an attempt to take the Carlisle family fortune for herself and her mother.

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Where is the crowbar in Hitman 3?

Hitman 3 guide and walkthrough. There are three crowbars in Dartmoor:

  • One is sitting on the crate of wine bottles by the green van to the east of the manor on Level 0.
  • A second is also on Level 0, north of the greenhouse, sitting on some boxes near the gardener who expresses his doubts about Zachary’s suicide.

Where is the butler’s office Hitman 3?

Fernby’s Office, you need a Crowbar. You can find one outside behind the house near the Greenhouse.

How do you kill the birds in Hitman 3?

Get rid of the birds nesting in the graveyard Approaching the graveyard, head around to the right (west) side outside the wall. Just around the corner, there’s a generator near some bushes. Turn it off, and wait for the gardener to come check it out. Subdue her, and stash her in the bushes.

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