FAQ: Where Is Aramis Stilton’s Manor?


Where is Aramis Stiltons Manor?

Stilton Manor, sometimes referred to as Stilton Mansion, is the residence of Aramis Stilton, located in the Dust District of Karnaca.

Where is Aramis Stilton in the past?

For this action, you will have to save Aramis Stilton from taking part in the ritual and gazing into the void. To do this, you’ll have to knock out Stilton in the past. He can be found in the backyard.

How do I get to Aramis Stilton?

Find Aramis Stilton (present) | Mission 7 Dishonored 2 Guide Head for the stairs on the left. After walking through the door in the dust district, you will enter Stilton’s mansion. Get inside and then take the stairs from the lobby to the first floor, and enter the room vis-a-vis.

How do you escape Aramis Stilton Manor?

To escape the dining room, go back to the present and stand by the door until the coast is clear, then go to the past and walk through. Transition back to the present ASAP to avoid detection.

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Should I knock out Aramis Stilton?

You technically have three choices here: You can kill Stilton, knock him out, or leave him alone. Killing him is obviously not ideal for a low chaos outcome. Leaving him alone doesn’t change anything. Knocking him out, however, means that he’s not conscious to participate in Delilah’s ritual.

Do Wolfhounds count as kills in Dishonored?

Like rats, hagfish, and river krusts, wolfhounds do not count toward lethal kills in mission summaries. As such, it is possible to kill them and still achieve Clean Hands.

Should I kill Aramis?

If you kill him, the house is completely empty in present. For this action, you will have to save Aramis Stilton from taking part in the ritual and gazing into the void. To do this, you’ll have to knock out Stilton in the past.

What happens if you kill Breanna Ashworth?

If you ‘ve done some exploration, you will know that Breanna has on her two bone. If you kill her, you will get them no problem. After eliminating Breanna, you just have to search the whole building to find all the secrets.

What happens if you kill Stilton in the past?

Should Stilton be murdered in the past instead, his house is still restored in the present but deserted of people (there will be a note from the new owner on the desire to sell). If Stilton is saved, the Dust District will be restored to its former glory under his leadership.

How does Billie lurk lose her arm?

As the video you mentioned said, Billie’s arm is made of bits of Void. The arm seems to be created by the bone artifact Billie has strapped to her stump. Where she got it is anyone’s guess. So we’re in the timeline where Billie lost her arm, or she’s from that timeline if things get trippy.

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How do you get into durantes room?

Durante’s room is that locked room on the second floor of the Crone’s Hand overlooking the main bar area. Use the key to unlock it and loot everything inside. You’ll find the code to the Jindosh Lock on his desk.

How do I get out of Clockwork Mansion?

Depending on what else you’ve done in the mansion, this may be easy or hard. To make your escape, break the planks on the other pressure plate in the room, and step on them to re-open the door out. Make sure the Clockwork Soldier isn’t near the entrance as you move forward and to the left to step on a plate.

How do you discover Delilah’s secrets?

Discover Delilah’s secrets | Mission 7 Dishonored 2 Guide

  1. Use the wooden scaffolding on the left to get to Aramis.
  2. Decide Stilton’s fate.
  3. Witness the ritual.
  4. Stilton’s new office is located on the right side of the elevator.
  5. Door to Lucia Pastor’s apartment.
  6. Climb the wooden scaffolding and pick up the rune.

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