FAQ: Where To Get Key For Cave Northeast Of Reardon Manor?


Where is the key in Reardon Manor?

Barn key is found behind that tripwire door in the manor.

How do I start the fall of the House of Reardon?

You can start this quest by reading the “Monster in my Manor!” note posted on the Lindenvale Notice Board or by talking to Dolores directly. Continuing his tour of rural Velen, Geralt stopped by the village of Lindenvale. There he came across a grief-stricken old woman.

Where is the enhanced feline steel sword?

Enhanced Feline steel sword Location: North-east from Reardon Manor, inside the cave. Go to the north-east from Reardon Manor. The chest with another diagram will be lying inside the cave to its left, where the tiles have been placed.

Who did Letho kill?

While he was successful in rescuing the sorceress, he was ultimately captured and brought before the kings at the summit, where he revealed that he had killed Foltest and Demavend, and that he had co-operated with the Lodge in order to accomplish this. When the dragon Saesenthessis attacked, Letho managed to escape.

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How do I save Letho?

Finding Letho

  1. Leave Letho to die (for real)- You do have the option to simply leave. The men will chop off Letho’s head and you will not see or hear from him again.
  2. Let the men take his amulet- You can get involved and let the men take Letho’s snake amulet instead of his head.
  3. Fight the men- You can also kill them all.

Is Letho dead by default?

Letho is dead. Sile is dead. La Valette is dead.

Where can I exchange Florens and Orens?

Luckily, florens and orens aren’t useless. They can be exchanged for crowns. Vimme Vivaldi offers such service and he can be found on the Free City of Novigrad. You will find him in the southwest corner of the Hierarch Square (M6,5 in our world atlas), not far from Triss Merigold house.

What is a leshen Witcher 3?

Leshens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are ancient and powerful forest spirits. Possessing a deer skull as a head and tree-like limbs, a leshen can call for aid from crows or a pack of wolves.

Where is Letho in Witcher 3?

Search the barn. / Find a ladder using your Witcher Senses. Watch out for traps in the barn. Go to the other end of the barn and use the ladder you will find there to get to the top floor. You’ll meet Letho there.

Where is Lindenvale in Witcher 3?

Lindenvale is a location in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Lindenvale is located west of Lurtch and southeast of Burned Ruins.

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How do you beat family matters Witcher 3?

Go into the quest menu and select the secondary quest “Ciri’s Room.” Head down stairs from the girls’ rooms and follow the line. Inspect her room to learn a little more about her stay and time with Gretka. When you finish talking to Gretka, the mission is complete.

How do I kill Radovid?

Geralt, Roche and the Blue Stripes corner Radovid at the end of the bridge, but before they can get to him, Philippa appears out of a nearby house. She blinds Radovid with a powder and stabs him in the back with a dagger, then quickly morphs into an owl and vanishes.

Who can craft enhanced feline armor?

Materials needed for crafting the Feline Cat gear are as follows: Most of the required materials can be obtained by dismantling stuff. Once you collect all materials, go to any Blacksmith and Armorer Journeyman. Two of them are located in Novigrad, next to the Hierarch Square fast travel point.

Which Witcher gear is best?

The best Witcher armor in The Witcher 3

  1. Cat/Feline Gear Set.
  2. Wolf/Wolven Gear Set (“Wolf School Gear ” free DLC)
  3. Bear/Ursine Gear Set.
  4. Manticore Gear Set (“Blood and Wine” paid DLC)
  5. Griffin Gear Set.
  6. Viper/Serpentine Gear Set (“Hearts of Stone” paid DLC)
  7. Kaer Morhen Armor & Warrior’s Leather Jacket.

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