How Did Leighs Diary Get Back To Farthingale Manor?


Who is Leigh’s real father in Web of Dreams?

Twelve-year-old Leigh VanVoreen was the beloved daughter of cruise ship magnate Cleave VanVoreen and his beautiful Boston socialite wife Jillian. Leigh lived out a happy existence until her mother left her father for the much younger man, Tony Tatterton, the handsome and wealthy owner of Tatterton Toys.

Is Fanny pregnant with Logan’s baby?

Meanwhile, Fanny tells Heaven that she and Logan have been intimate and that she is pregnant with their child. When Logan returns, he confesses. Although enraged by his betrayal, Heaven forgives Logan but remains estranged from Fanny. Soon after, Heaven discovers that she is pregnant.

Who does Heaven Casteel end up with?

Devastated, Heaven went on to marry Logan Stonewall when she believed Troy had died, yet upon his return they had one more night together, resulting in the birth of their daughter Annie.

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Does Heaven end up with Troy?

Troy and Heaven became lovers and intended to marry. Their happiness was cut short, however, when Tony revealed they were in fact uncle and niece, as he had raped Heaven’s mother, and was in fact Heaven’s father.

Do Annie and Luke end up together?

Annie and Luke are still in love with each other but know they cannot be together. Soon after, Tony dies and Luke and Annie travel back to Farthy to attend the funeral. He then tells Annie how he and Heaven were engaged, but then they found out that Tony had raped Leigh and was Heaven’s father.

Is web of dreams a true story?

No, ‘ Web of Dreams ‘ is not based on a true story. The movie is based on the fifth and final novel of The Casteel series, the first two books of which were written by V.C.

What happens to Fanny Casteel?

When her father Luke sells her younger brother and sister, Fanny along with Heaven and Tom decide to run away, however before they can, Fanny is sold to the town minister, Wayland Wise. She becomes pregnant by him later, and gives birth to Darcy, who is raised by Rev. Wise and his wife as their own child.

Who is heavens real father?

Heaven, her father Luke Casteel, her stepmother Sarah, her four half brothers and sisters, Tom, Fanny, Keith and Our Jane, and her grandparents live in a one bedroom shack in the Willies, the mountains above the town Winnerow.

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Does Tom die in fallen hearts?

The lion gets out and kills Tom, Heaven’s brother, and it is all her fault. As he dies, he begs her to forgive their father. Heaven is now reunited with her father and sister at the funeral for Tom. Heaven meets her father’s new son, Drake.

Who is Troy in heaven?

Troy Langdon Tatterton is a fictional character created by V. C. Andrews and continued by ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman in the bestselling novels in the Casteel series. Troy is the handsome and wealthy creator behind the inventions in the Tatterton Toy empire.

What is the order of VC Andrews Heaven?

Publication Order of Casteel Books

Heaven (1985) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Dark Angel (1986) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Fallen Hearts (1988) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Gates of Paradise (1989) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Web of Dreams (1990) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

How old is Troy in Web of Dreams?

Leigh’s only friend on the estate was Troy Tatterton, Tony’s 4-year- old brother, and they spent a lot of time together. Eventually, Leigh was placed in Winterhaven, an exclusive boarding school for girls. During her summer vacation, Leigh served as the model for a new line of toy for Tatterton called a portrait doll.

How old is heaven in VC Andrews Heaven?

1965, Heaven Leigh Casteel is a fourteen-year- old girl living in poverty with her rather large and discontented family, in a shack in the hills of West Virginia.

Who is Tony Tatterton in Gates of Paradise?

Tony Tatterton, is the possessive husband of Jillian Tatterton and the father of Heaven Casteel with Leigh VanVoreen and grandfather of Annie Stonewall in the Casteel Series by V.C. Andrews.

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What happens to Troy in Dark Angel?

When Heaven returns to Boston after some traveling, she is told by a distraught Tony that Troy died as the result of a horse riding accident in the ocean while she was away. No longer reliant on Tony’s money, Heaven moves to Winnerrow and lives in the newly renovated cabin of her youth.

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