Often asked: How Do Fight Wraith In Von Everec Manor?


How do you kill the Wraith in the painting?

It’s really easy to kill the Wraith, as the other bosses of this Expansion as soon as you understand how.

  1. First of all, do not use Yrden or any other signs expect Quen, because they don’t do anyt sort of effect.
  2. Of course, use the oil blade against the wraiths.
  3. Equip Lunar Dust bomb and use it against her.

How do you beat the Wraith in Scenes from a Marriage?

The Wraith After moving through the door into the hall, you’ll have a short mini-boss fight with a very angry wraith. Use Quen to prevent yourself taking too much damage, and Yrden to slow or deal additional damage. If her health gets low, she’ll activate a healing portal in one of the four paintings along the walls.

Should you take the rose from Iris von Everec?

The connection that Iris has to the rose is so strong that it binds her to the world, so should it be taken, she and the painted world will cease to exist.

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What was Iris greatest fear?

The Type of a Monster will determine what Oil it is weak against.

Ethereal ( Iris ‘ Greatest Fear )
Type Specters
Appearing in Hearts of Stone DLC


How do you use Yrden sign?


  1. To use the Yrden sign, Right-click anywhere on the ground, and the trap will appear on that spot.
  2. Endurance is used whenever the sign is cast, if the overall level is too low, Geralt will not be able to cast the sign.

What happens if you let olgierd die?

If you choose to save Olgierd, the failure will end in death of both of you. However, if you succeed, you will receive the Iris’ saber from him. During the additional level to which you will be transported to solve the clue, you can also find the Viper venomous silver sword.

Is olgierd a bad guy?

Olgierd only comes off as a villain initially, however. In fact, he didn’t even want to be evil; rather, he was forced into it by a trickster demon. The writers really did an excellent job of making the non-canon Olgierd blend in seamlessly with the lived-in world.

Should I let olgierd die?

Either end has the same outcome in that respect, so it’s a matter of choosing a lesser evil when deciding which one to let walk free. But if you pity Olgierd, letting him die mercifully allows him to escape his grief and ensures he won’t continue harming innocents.

What happens if you take the Purple Rose?

At the end of the quest, Geralt can take the rose or leave it with Iris. Taking the rose will cut her connection to the world, erasing the painted world and possibly Iris herself.

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What happened to Iris von Everec?

Then, deciding he didn’t want to cause her anymore pain, Olgierd left, leaving behind a letter and a violet rose to remember him by. Iris, alone in the estate, laid in bed for days, just staring at the rose until it finally crumbled to dust, and she died soon afterwards.

Is Gaunter O DIMM a God?

Spoiler Alert: Gaunter O ‘ Dimm is a demon. At first meeting Gaunter in White Orchard one would think he is just a know-it-all traveling merchant of some sort. But with the DLC Hearts of Stone we learn more about this Man of Mirrors.

How do I kill olgierd?

The best way to deal with Olgierd Von Everec is to counter his attacks and use the opening to unleash your attack combo. You can counter most of his attacks like his straight charging attack and his last attack when his sword glows red after a combo.

How do I beat the Wraith in hearts of stone?

When it emerges, it’ll be fully healed, and so you need to keep it in the centre of the room, away from the walls, and ensure you kill it quickly. Lay down a Yrden, use Specter Oil if you have it, and keep the boss busy at all time – pinning it in the corner near the door you entered through can also be a massive help.

How do you fight olgierd dialogue?

Go back to the Garin Estate. Choose any dialogue options besides Let him go or face my wrath to end the quest peacefully. (Optional) If you do choose the dialogue option Let him go or face my wrath, you will fight Olgierd, and you must beat him.

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