Often asked: How To Kill The Slaughterfish At Winstad Manor?


How do you kill Slaughterfish in Oblivion?

Though they are usually easy to kill, they can pose a serious threat for a low level character out for a swim. A slaughterfish out of water will flop about helplessly until it is killed or it lands in water.

Where is my Housecarl Windstad Manor?

He is appointed Housecarl when the Dragonborn becomes the Thane of Hjaalmarch. He can be found at Highmoon Hall, or at Windstad Manor once the Dragonborn has bought the deed from the Jarl.

How do you kill salmon in Skyrim?

You can also kill salmon by shooting them with your bow. Using the Unrelenting Force shout on fish in the water kills them, causing them to float to the surface making them easier to catch. Another way of catching fish is to shoot them with a bow.

How do you harvest fish hatchery in Skyrim?

Harvesting. Fish can be harvested manually by entering the water and activating the live fish, much like harvesting wild fish throughout Skyrim. In order to get Salmon Roe from Salmon, the fish must be killed first. This can be done with Unrelenting Force, a melee weapon or a bow.

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Does Rumare Slaughterfish Respawn?

I did this quest very recently and the marker does actually point to each individual slaughterfish. And yes it is annoying when they get stuck on rocks (or in) >.< They should respawn though (stated in a previous post).

How do you kill someone underwater in Skyrim?

You cannot perform any attack underwater without a mod / using a console command. Your best efforts would be to do what Raven Dreamer said, lure them to shallow water and then attack them.

Is Windstad manor safe?

Heljarchen Hall(The Pale) is the Safest, Windstad Manor has allot more attacks. I agree Its cold there for the kids but it is the safest.

How do I unlock Windstad Manor?

After installing Hearthfire, you may purchase this plot of land at Highmoon Hall in Morthal. If Idgrod Ravencrone is still the jarl, speak with her steward, Aslfur; if the Stormcloaks have control of the hold, speak with the new jarl, Sorli the Builder or her husband Pactur.

How do I make my Windstad Manor bigger?

If you wish to expand your home past the Small House layout, you can do so by choosing the Main Hall plan at the drafting table, then constructing parts at the carpenter’s workbench. The Main Hall is considered complete after steps 1-6 in the table, but you can expand further by adding a cellar.

What is the most valuable potion in Skyrim?

The highest value potion in vanilla Skyrim is a Fortify Health potion – Recipes include: Giant’s Toe, Bear Claws, and Hanging Moss; Giant’s Toe, Creep Cluster and Wheat; or Giant’s Toe, Blue Butterfly Wing and Mountain Flower.

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How long does it take for salmon to Respawn Skyrim?

10 days, I suppose.

What is salmon roe used for in Skyrim?

Salmon roe, combined with garlic and Nordic barnacles, makes the most expensive potion found to date (requires Hearthfire). Alternatively, it can be combined with histcarp and jazbay grapes for an equally valuable potion from easily collectable materials, especially at Windstad Manor.

What does Helgi ghost say?

When playing “hide and seek” with Helgi, Laelette may not be at the coffin. When activating Helgi’s coffin, you will still hear her say “Make Laelette go away” though.

What is the best house to buy in Skyrim?

The Best Locations To Buy A House In Skyrim

  • Honeyside (Between 5000 – 8000 Gold) Honeyside in Riften is a modest home for a modest price, but it comes with a lot of benefits.
  • Hjerim (8000 – 12000 Gold)
  • Proudspire Manor (Cost: 25000 Gold)
  • Severin Manor (Free)

How do you hatch a egg in Skyrim?

To obtain these eggs, simply bring any “XXX Egg ” (found with some *merchants) to a forge and create the “Incubated XXX Egg ” in the “misc” section. Now open up your inventory, navigate to “Scrolls” and there they are. You throw them and when they hit the ground they hatch into little creatures.

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