Often asked: Lords Mobile How Many Manor?


How many manors should I have in Lords mobile?

At first (once you’ve unlocked all the spots), you should build 2-3 Barracks and divide the rest of the spots between Manors and Infirmaries. As your troop count grows, keep deleting Manors (and Barracks). Eventually, you won’t need more than 2-3 Manors.

How many barracks do I need in Lords mobile?

Barracks you only need 2 max, barracks increase how many troops you can que up for training per time, more than 2 barracks usually = over 8 hour wait and by then i am sure you probably would of logged back on to train more troops.

How many buildings are in Lords mobile?

There are 5 production buildings in total: Mines, Farms, Lumber Mills, Quarries, and Mansions, which produce ore, food, timber, stone, and gold, respectively. To discover which of these buildings you should focus on every phase of the game, be sure to check out our production guide.

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Do you need more than 1 barracks in Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile: Is it Good to Have 2 Barracks? Barracks provides a place to train your soldiers in Lords Mobile. You can upgrade it to increase the number of soldiers you can train. To tell the truth, it’s not good for the most player, ADB-Agoni will explain to you why you build more than 1 barrack or stay at 1 barrack.

Who is the strongest player in Lords mobile?

[A2Z] iamBrenChong was leading the list of strongest player in Lords moblie.

What happens if you run out of food in Lords mobile?

What happens when you run out of food? Nothing happens, your troops stay alive even with negative food income. It’s a bug that players have been exploiting since the start of the game, having very little food income as their troops will not die as they should.

How many infirmaries should I have?

You can have up to 16 if you dont want any manors and only want one barrack. 16 infirmaries will give you 640k space for wounded now add in the 7% that gives you 684,800 that is about all you can do for space tho.

How many farm should I build in Lords mobile?

At early game: Construct 10 farms and 4 of each other buildings (manors excluded). You can keep this setup until level 20. Such a setup will provide you a healthy amount of each resource at the beginning. Sustaining troops is especially important at this stage, so we are focusing on farms.

What is the longest upgrade in Lords mobile?

The longest construction time so far is definitely the c25 upgrade. As you can see above, that bad boy took some time. I actually didn’t upgrade it when I took that screenshot, I think I had it down to about 29 days when I finally upgraded.

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How do I farm gems in Lords mobile?

There are several ways to earn free Gems in Lords Mobile.

  1. Treasure Trove. This will be our biggest source of free gems.
  2. Maintenance. When the servers are down for maintenance you will receive free gems!
  3. Coloseum.
  4. Monster Hunting.
  5. Guild Gifts.
  6. Mystery Box.
  7. Labyrinth.

Do you need food in Lords mobile?

Unlike other resources, you need food for every operation you do in Lords Mobile, you do not need stone to train or heal infantry or build quarries, and you do not need wood to train or heal cavalry or build a lumber mills, and you do not need ore to train or heal ranged or build mines, as well as you do not need gold

What’s the point of having multiple Barracks in clash of clans?

If you have so many barracks and you train troops non-stop, at one point, you will have so much troops that you cannot cover them all with infirmaries. When that happens and you get attacked, your troops will just die and it will be costly to rebuild them from scratch.

How long does it take to research T4 troops Lords mobile?

The final research to unlock T4 is the “Army Offense I“. As you can see from the above screenshot, the original completion time is 626 days but due to gold research gears plus making the “Trickster” to Gold grade it’s now reduced to 225 days.

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