Often asked: Oak Manor Where To Dig?


Where is the real Oak Manor course?

Oake Manor Golf Club is set in lovely Somerset countryside and the course is genuinely memorable.

What do you do with Cachers treasure golf story?

Dig at the end of the path and you will receive the Cacher’s Treasure. With the treasure in hand, go to Blue Moon Dunes. Head to the far north area where you will encounter a fairy. Pay tribute to her by throwing the treasure into the fountain.

Where is tidy park story?

Go to the Lawn Bowls area of Tidy Park (in the northeast corner).

Where is the legendary treasure in golf story?

Cacher’s Treasure: Return to the man at the Wellworn Soda Bar and he will speak of a legendary Cacher Treasure. Find the treasure on the world map, south of Lorraine’s office.

How do you get to Oak Manor golf story?

Oak Manor is a the spooky course a little south and west of Tidy Park when on the world map. The Hallowed Key that was received from the bearded man in the Tidy Park Clubhouse will open the first gate in this area.

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Where can I get a red bandana in golf story?

1 Answer. In Wellworn Grove you will find a woman who wants her son to get out of the water. The woman is next to a hole, in which you’ll find a red flag. That red flag “resembles a red bandana “.

How do you feed 10 fish in golf story?

Feeding Fish Land the large balls in the circles 10 times to complete this challenge. After going back to the man, he will challenge Player to hit him in the face with a ball as hard as he can. Just aim a max power shot at him to finish this callenge.

Where do the swans congregate golf story?

User Info: Milotics Behind the ticket booth by the swan boats in Wellworth Greens.

How do you make money on golf story?

Each time you play a full 9 hole course, you get money. So work on those medals for birdies, eagles, etc.

How do you throw a disc golf story?

Anyways basically in Golf Story to control the Disc (Frisbees) you use the analog stick (left stick) on your controller. Say you’re facing forward north and you hit the analog stick left when you release the disc it will then go left and continue to stay in the air for a bit.

How do you save golf story?

Golf Story How To Save Game The game has an autosave feature enabled and automatically saves the game once you complete a quest. Sometimes the game might autosave when you enter or exit a new area. Just make sure you don’t close the game between any quests or shut down your console.

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