Often asked: Where Are Seabeard Manor Ruins?


Where is fishing academy in Seabeard?

The Fishing Academy is first seen in ruins in the Trader District of Accordia. After Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to repair the Fishing Academy, an icon with a hardhat and sledgehammer appear in a bubble.

Where is Cornelius Seabeard?

Dr Cornelius
Name Dr Cornelius
Type NPC
Location Archeon Temple Ruins
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Where is Emelia Quickblade in Seabeard?

Emelia Quickblade is located in the Warrior Camp on Larona Village in the top right quadrant.

How do I increase my prestige in Seabeard?

The higher the number, the more prestige the player has accumulated. Sometimes non-playable characters will send the player on a quest or side-quest to raise his or her prestige. Completing these can be accomplished by placing furniture on the home island of Accordia.

How do I build trader House in Seabeard?

The blueprints for Trader Houses are purchased at the Architect. Once obtained, the plans must be placed on a open plot in Accordia and then built by the Grout Brothers using various supplies.

What is the rock in Seabeard?

Disguiso is first seen on Larona Village next to the beach with a green star above his head. Disguiso looks like a rock in disguise and is initially known as “???” with nothing to say or hide prior to unlocking the Doza seas.

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How do I get worms in Seabeard?

Worms can be found by moving bushes on most islands. Worms are unable to be sold. Worms can be fed to chickens to produce striped chicken eggs.

How do you get tomatoes in Seabeard?

Tomatoes can be purchased during certain days at the Vegetable Patch on Bullhorn Farm. The player will have to pay Billy Bullhorn 20 coins and could collect up to six tomatoes and up to six of the other crop for that day. Tomatoes can be sold at the Food Stall.

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