Often asked: Where Is The Poison In Draynor Manor?


Where is the fish food in draynor Manor?

The only place for free-to-play players to find fish food is in Draynor Manor, where it spawns on the 1st2nd floor[UK] in a room with level 36 ghosts. Fish food can be used with poison that can be found in the kitchen of Draynor Manor.

Which NPC do you talk to in order to begin the Ernest the Chicken quest?

To start the quest, talk to Veronica at the entrance to Draynor Manor, located to the north of Draynor Village.

How do I get out of draynor Manor?

Be careful as upon entering the mansion, it is impossible to exit through the main door, making an exit on the east side of the building the only way out. Outside it there are various magical cabbage spawns which temporarily boost players defense levels, evil trees and the Draynor Fountain.

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How do I kill count draynor?

Tips. Count Draynor can’t be killed with a typical, everyday weapon, but he can be damaged by one. A player needs to have a stake and a hammer and drive a stake through his heart, although players have to take almost all of his health first.

How do you beat draynor Manor in Runescape?

Go back into the manor through the front entrance, and use the key with the door containing the room with the skeleton, and take the rubber tube. The room is right behind the stairs. When you do so, the skeleton will attack you; you can choose to kill the skeleton or simply dodge its attacks and leave the room.

How do you beat the sanguine Imp?

Sanguine bead (Air altar) Speak to him to find out he is extremely hyperactive, and you will suggest he get some exercise by racing you around the air altar. He will agree to this, and the race will begin after a short countdown. To win the race, simply run to the checkpoints around the altar as they appear.

How do you delay Archmage Sedridor?

Once done, she will inform you that the vortices are actually fragments of the souls of wizards and that the enchantment that kept them in the Old Tower must have been removed. She’ll then ask you to delay Archmage Sedridor from casting the Icyenic Purge while she replaces the enchantment.

How do you beat Ernest the chicken in Runescape?

Go all the way up to the top floor and talk to Professor Oddenstein. Give him the items and he will fix his machine, which will turn Ernest back into a human.

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How do you dye Goblin mail orange?

Grubfoot tries on the blue goblin mail You need to make orange and blue dye. Orange dye is made from combining red dye (3 redberries and 5 coins) with yellow dye (2 onions and 5 coins).

How do you get 50 unnoted rune essence?

Talk to Drezel. Use the blessed bucket of water on the coffin. Go back to the monument room, proceed through the eastern door, and talk to Drezel. Give him 50 unnoted Rune essence or Pure essence.

Where is the spade Ernest the chicken?

Pick up the spade in the far eastern room on the ground floor [UK]. Exit out the back door in the same room. Go north around the back of the manor to the west to the compost heap.

How do you get a pressure gauge in Runescape?

To get this item, the player must kill the piranha using poisoned fish food made from the poison (found in the witch’s larder on the ground1st floor[UK]) and the fish food (found on the 1st2nd floor[UK] among the ghost).

How do you get the oil can quest in Runescape?

The oil can is an item stolen by poltergeists and hidden somewhere in Draynor Manor. It is part of Professor Oddenstein’s pouletmorph machine, and must be retrieved along with the pressure gauge and rubber tube to restore Ernest during Ernest the Chicken. It is found in the basement of the manor at the end of a maze.

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