Often asked: Why Are There Bandits In My Manor In Skyrim?


Do bandits attack your house in Skyrim?

The spouse may be “rescued” before the quest ever begins if you adopt a child. Bandits are found attacking your spouse’s original home, where you can get the quest in your journal.

Why are there so many bandits in Skyrim?

There’s so many bandits because one bandit group started and said they were cool, and everybody else joined in because they wanted to be cool, too. The people of Skyrim need less guidance from the Eight/Nine and more from after school specials.

Does Lakeview Manor get attacked?

Fandom. My main characters house is Lakeview and apart from one bandit (from a quest) it’s never been attacked, other people haven’t been so lucky but all the homesteads have a chance of it happening.

Do bandits Respawn in Skyrim?

yes, they respawn every 3 days.

Can you make love in Skyrim?

Do note that you can ‘t “have sex” in vanilla Skyrim. “Lover’s Comfort” is the closest you ‘ll get, but that could just be cuddling for all the player knows.

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Can you have a biological child in Skyrim?

No, it is not possible to have children in Skyrim. Aside from marrying and having your spouse cook dinner for you, there is decidedly limited spousal interaction. If you are using a PC, you can download this mod which will allow you to adopt children from Riften, if you really want a little brat.

What are Draugr weak against?

Draugr are undead Nordic warriors of Skyrim. Draugr are weak to silver weapons.

Is Lakeview Manor dangerous?

Lakeview manor is probably the most picturesque home you can buy. It is dangerous because of bandits and giants, etc.

What is the most dangerous house in Skyrim?

Most dangerous Hearthfire home? There’s Pinewatch, a goddamn bandit den, dangerously near the home. There’s the necromancy altar with a respawning conjurer north of the house, just down the hill, near the lake.

Is Lakeview Manor safe?

By gameplay standards, windstad manor is safest. You can only get bandits there. Lakeview, however, can get giants, bandits, and wolves. That being said, it’s not the worst place ever.

Do Skyrim dungeons Respawn?

Enemies definitely respawn! Most dungeons respawn, but not all of them. It can happen in as little as a week if you didn’t completely clear out the dungeon, or over a month if you cleared the dungeon. Even if a dungeon is marked as ‘cleared’ on your world map, that dungeon can still respawn.

Do items in houses Respawn Skyrim?

All vanilla houses and the Dawnstar Sanctuary do not respawn their in-world items (thank talos). All HF houses and the Arch-Mage quarters do respawn, however (though containers are safe).

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Do dungeons reset in Skyrim?

Dungeons reset in about 30-40 game days. Stolen goods reset around 15 days (unless it is a special stolen item like the soul gems in the arch-mages display case. Shops refill their inventory after 25 hours.

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