Question: Resident Evil Remastered How To Complete Lab Puzzle In Manor?


How do you get into the lab in Resident Evil?

Go to the slideshow projector and use the Slide Filter. View the slideshow, and on the last slide you’ll find the digits “8462.” Enter the code into the code panel and the door will open to the Editing Room where you can get the Laboratory Key and watch Kenneth’s film if you so desire.

How do you do the lab drug test?

To reach the puzzle, first find the Greenhouse Control Room code locations then head from into the Greenhouse, go left then left again. Get the Herbicide Synthesis File from the table, and approach the workshop in the corner. The aim is to create the exact amount of solution for the capsule, indicated by the red line.

Can you make flame rounds re2?

User Info: Growshroom. You can ‘t, so save them. They are really nice to have in the last area of the game.

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What do you do in nap room re2?

Nap Room. As soon as you walk in, pick up the Shotgun Shells, then check the first locker for a Regulator (Flamethrower) upgrade for your Chemical Flamethrower. This will reduce the rate at which it burns Fuel. Head over the the shuttered nap pods and pick up the Electronic Chip for your ID Wristband.

How do you unlock the drug testing lab in Resident Evil 2?

The Drug Testing Lab can only be accessed from the Greenhouse and the door must be unlocked from the Greenhouse Control Room and the machine that has all of the strange symbols on it.

What do you do with re2 Solution?

Enter the new code to unlock the panel in the Drug Testing Lab, which is located in the upper-right area of the Greenhouse. Once players have entered the lab, they’ll need to insert the Dispersal Cartridge to start a puzzle which will, in turn, fill the container up with the required solution.

How many hours is Resident Evil 7?

That makes it longer than Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s 9 hours, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’ 6.5 hours, and Resident Evil 2’s 6 hours.

How do you solve the clock puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

To progress, read the ‘ Clock Memo’ file on the globe, hinting at a puzzle – “The same time as all other clocks “. This tells you to look at another clock in the house, and change the time of the standalone clock on the same table to that time, which is 10:15.

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How do you solve the birthday puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

Go to the door near the bank of TV monitors and use your candle to burn the rope holding it shut. Go through the door and search near the cabinet for a Balloon. Use the Balloon on the pipe on the wall with the reaper painted on it. The Balloon will pop, and you will receive the Quill Pen.

How do you open the jewelry box in Resident Evil 1?

The first box contains one of the Death masks required to release the coffin in the Cemetery behind the hall. To unlock the box, you must press the two buttons which resemble a heart shape.

Where is the box in Resident Evil 1?

Introduced in the first Resident Evil, Item boxes are usually found in safe rooms along with Typewriters.

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