Question: Where Is The Tear Shaped Gem In The Gloomy Manor Luigid Mansion Dark Moon?


Where are the gems in gloomy manor?

Instead of going to the Dining room, detour to the Library and go to the left side of the room. Shine your darklight around to reveal a globe, then stick it in your Poltergust and melt it in the fireplace to reveal a gem.

What happens when you collect all gems in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

Once the player has collected all thirteen gems in a mansion, they will be rewarded with one of five different statues of Luigi with the gems encrusted in the stand.

Where is the boo in a 1?

“A one, and a two, and we all love ManBoo! Except for you!” Reveal the cabinets at the back of the far right side of the room. Afterwards check the cabinets to find the Boo.

Where are all the gems in the old clockworks?

Old Clockworks Gems

  • RUBY 2 – Warehouse (Available in C-1)
  • RUBY 3 – Clock Tower Gate (Available in C-1)
  • RUBY 4 – Storm Cellar (Available in C-2)
  • RUBY 5 – Canyon Stairs (Available in C-2)
  • RUBY 6 – Quarry (Available in C-2)
  • RUBY 7 – Clockmaker’s Chambers (Available in C-3)
  • RUBY 8 – Roundhouse – Upper (Available in C-3)
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What happens when you get all the gems in Luigi’s Mansion three?

Each area has six gems, each one a different color, and collecting all 102 gems in the game gets you a special cosmetic upgrade for Luigi.

Where are the gems in luigis Mansion 2?

There are five different types for each mansion; Amethysts are in the Gloomy Manor. Emeralds appear in the Haunted Towers. Rubies are in the Old Clockworks. Sapphires are in the Secret Mine, and diamonds are in the Treacherous Mansion.

What’s the point of money in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

You can use the money you collect in Luigi’s Mansion 3 to purchase items from the Shopping Network, or save it for a better score at the end of the game. Similar to previous Luigi’s Mansion titles, you’ll be able to suck up coins, gold, and cash in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Do gems matter in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

User Info: Ganon328. They’re pretty to look at. And it feels good when you find them yourself with no online guides or buying those gem finders from the shop. Other than that, yeah they don’t do anything besides what you already mentioned.

How do you get all the special items in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Every special item in Luigi’s Mansion 3 excluding DLC The Suction Shot Type-C is unlocked by collecting every gem. The Flashlight Type-B is unlocked by defeating every Boo. The Poltergust Type-G is unlocked by completing every achievement.

Where is the boo in GEAR UP?

Entrance. You can revisit any of the previous rooms for a bit of cash, but the main mission will consist of moving deeper into the Manor, so move into the Foyer. Boo – BaBoon: Once you have the Darklight, head into the Mudroom, where a table has gone missing. Reveal it to bring the Boo out of hiding.

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Where is the boo in a 3?

Boo – Boo Boo – Once you have the Darklight, instead of heading straight to the lobby, go into the Common Hall and into the Studio, where it will become apparent that a canvas is missing. Shine your darklight to bring it back into being, and with it a Boo.

How many boos are in dark moon?

There are 32 Boos total (not counting King Boo ), 22 of which are unique and scattered across the game’s missions, and Big Boo counts as ten Boos in E-4: Ambush Manuever.

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