Question: Why Cant I Claim Croup Manor For The Disciples?


Is there a key for croup Manor basement?

The Croup basement key and Croup bedroom key can be found inside the manor: The bedroom key is in a Novice locked desk on the second floor.

Can you lose a settlement in Fallout 4?

You can lose a settlement if you don’t help defend to many times.

Where is Hangman’s Alley in Fallout 4?

The area known as Hangman’s Alley is a ruined city Location in the central area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the North of Diamond City, just South of the Wreck of the USS Riptide.

How do I get Somerville place as a settlement?

All you need to do is talk to the guy in Somerville. He’ll give you a quest. I discovered the place on my own, ignored it, saw your post, just went there and tried it. After you finish it, just use the workshop and you’ll unlock it.

How do I get into Mercer safehouse?

The quest automatically begins after completing the conversation with him at the end of Boston After Dark. To select a safehouse, create a save in the middle of this conversation, finish talking to him, then speak to P.A.M. who is now ready to give the Mercer Safehouse quest.

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What happens if I don’t defend a settlement?

As discussed here, if you don’t defend your settlements the attackers will potentially kill the settlers present at that settlement (assuming the settlers are themselves unable to repel the attackers) and damage certain properties, for example seems that this defences (guard towers and turrets) and resource generators

How do I claim a Raiders settlement?

Making Raider Outposts Build the raider flag of the group you suggested when you’re done conquering. This claims the territory for them and earns you more favor with the gang. When you talk to Shank, you will first need to choose whether you want to attack or talk settlers into leaving Settlements.

Can settlements leave the Minutemen?

If you do not progress the Minutemen quest line and instead go with the Institute, you won’t end up getting any additional settlements throughout the game. If you follow the Railroad, they’ll ask you to take a settlement as their new safehouse after one of their existing safehouses is destroyed by the Institute.

Can settlers die on supply lines?

Your settlers at home can die. Note that once a ‘ settler ‘ has been assigned to a supply route, they will be a ‘provisioner’ the next time they are loaded. Provisioners who are away from a settlement can ‘t die. The can get knocked down for a few seconds like other essential NPCs, but they get right back up.

Do settlers need ammo?

[ Settlers ] don’t consume ammunition provided they have at least one unit of the correct ammunition for their weapon. The same holds true with grenades. The only exceptions are the missile launcher or Fat Man, as these are tagged with “NPCs Consume Ammo “. Try giving a settler a minigun and a 5mm round. =)

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What is the largest settlement in Fallout 4?

Spectacle Island comes with the game’s largest building area and, apparently, its highest built limit, meaning it’s one of the most versatile locations going.

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