Quick Answer: Chrono Cross Who Is The Best Character To Take To Viper Manor?


Who is the strongest character in Chrono Cross?

Serge is clearly the most powerful character, so he wins straight out. But not counting him, I went for Riddel. My favorite is starky, but Riddel is the most useful.

Who are the best characters in Chrono Cross?

Chrono Cross: 10 Best Party Members In The Game

  1. 1 Serge. Serge is an all-rounder and can learn both double and triple techs.
  2. 2 Glenn. When equipped with both Einlanzer swords, Glenn is the strongest green innate character in the game.
  3. 3 Harle.
  4. 4 Riddel.
  5. 5 Karsh.
  6. 6 Guile.
  7. 7 Leena.
  8. 8 Pip.

How do you get into Viper Manor?

TAlk to Miki on the boat and that will open up the forest so you can go thru the sewers (Nikki is in there). Or talk to Korcha by Dario’s grave, then go to the bar. Guile is in there. Go back to Korcha and he’ll take you around back and let you go up the cliffs.

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How many party members are there in Chrono Cross?

Chrono Cross has 45 characters you can recruit as party members.

Is Schala a kid?

1. Kid and Schala are independent persons, the former being created through unique conditions. 2. Schala and Kid seem to both be present at the Darkness Beyond Time when the Chrono Cross is used.

How do you steal in Chrono Trigger?


  1. Ayla’s 5th Single Tech, Charm, is the way to steal items.
  2. Ayla learns a single tech called charm that steal items from enemies, it works better with an item called charm top or alluring top found behind bangor dome on 2300 ad.

How do you get draggy in Chrono Cross?

How to Recruit. Grab the Big Egg in the Dodo nest in Fossil Valley (Another World). In Fort Dragonia (Home World) take the elevator down and put the egg in the empty incubator.

How do you get Leena in Chrono Cross?

Get Leena.

  1. Turn down Kid’s invitation to join the party at Cape Howl in the Another World, and Leena will join your party the next morning along with Poshul.
  2. Leena uses kitchen utensils as her weapon.
  3. She has high magic power and already possesses two techs, but she also has low HP and physical defense.

How do you evolve PIP?

Pip has the unique ability to ” evolve ” throughout the course of the game depending on which Elements are used by him and on him. Black, Red, or Yellow evolves him into a miniature devil; White, Green, or Blue will turn him into a miniature angel.

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How do you get viper’s venom in Chrono Cross?

Viper’s Venom (蛇骨大剣 Venom ?) is a weapon in Chrono Cross. Only Viper can equip this weapon. It is found in the basement of Viper Manor (Another World). It cannot be disassembled or sold.

Who is Lynx Chrono Cross?

Lynx (ヤマネコ, Yamaneko?) is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross and one of the primary antagonists of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. He was Serge’s biological father Wazuki until he was corrupted by the FATE supercomputer.

Does Chrono Cross have multiple endings?

This game has 12 endings in all — two of which can be unlocked during your first playthrough, while the remaining 10 are only accessible in New Game + or Continue +.

How old is Serge Chrono Cross?

Physical Appearance. Seventeen years old at the start of Chrono Cross, Serge sports an athletic build and dexterous finesse with Swallows, having trained in the arts of this complex weapon extensively prior to the events of the game.

How do you get Chrono characters?

Chrono can be purchased with only one diamond in the events tab in the game. Once a player has the amount available, they will be able to claim the character inspired by the Portuguese soccer player.

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