Quick Answer: How To Get Gold Bar In Braithewait Manor Without Getting Shot?


Where is the gold bar at Braithwaite Manor?

Braithewaite Manor Gold Bar Head down to Lemoyne’s Braithwaite Manor south of Rhodes. Ride toward the main building on the property to begin the hunt for the gold bar. Enter the charred building and navigate to the room just past the corpse.

Is there any gold at Braithwaite Manor?

Braithwaite Manor You won’t be able to find this Gold Bar until Chapter 4. Return to the Braithwaite Manor house to the southwest of Rhodes in Lemoyne and look for [SPOILER]’s body on the floor. Turn to the east and look behind the ruined wall along the floor for this Lockbox.

Is there anything to steal in Braithwaite Manor?

Later on, after Tavish Gray promises the gang that they can get $5000 for stealing the Braithwaite family’s prized horses, Arthur, John Marston and Javier Escuella sneak onto the manor grounds and steal the three horses. They eventually get detected, but manage to gun down their pursuers and escape the area.

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How do I get Braithwaite secret?

Located in Braithwaite Manor, Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne, you will find the Braithwaites’ Secret, which is part of the Points of Interest collectibles. To find the Braithwaites’ Secret, make your way to the Eastern side of Braithwaite Manor, where you will find several houses all located near the water.

Can you keep the Braithwaite horses?

The guards will instruct you to head back to the stables to meet John and Charles. Getting close enough to the stables will trigger a short cutscene. The Gray man will tell you to steal the Braithwaite’s prized thoroughbred horses, and that you can sell them for $5,000.

Does the Limpany gold bar glitch still work?

The glitches have been patched, BUT, some gold bars respawn after enough time has passed. Got the gold bar in Limpany early in the game. Once you get bored doing the glitch, just be sure to save and load one last time so the loot will be there if you decide to come back for more later.

Can you still do the gold bar glitch in rdr2?

Open the loot box, which will then highlight the gold bar. Interact with the gold bar and as Arthur reaches down, pause the game. Go into the Story menu and save the game. You should now be able to pick up as many gold bars as you can carry.

Can you free the Braithwaite sister?

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 When helping Penelope Braithwaite to escape from her family, Arthur can take her to Gertrude’s outhouse. During the epilogue, Gertrude’s outhouse can be visited, revealing that she was never released and apparently starved to death.

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Does John get Arthur’s money?

Arthur’s wallet of money is also cleared out, but John receives $20,000, which is more than enough to buy anything. A few missions into the epilogue, John does inherit all of Arthur’s outfits and weapons. So before you finish the mission “Red Dead Redemption,” you might as well spend that saved cash.

Should I accept Braithwaite treasure?

Penelope offers Arthur a Braithwaite heirloom leaving you with a choice to accept or reject it – either way, you will gain honor. Choosing to accept the item allows you to sell it for $75. This marks the end of the mission.

Who kidnapped Jack in rdr2?

Mission Overview Suspecting it was Catherine Braithwaite who kidnapped Jack, the van der Linde gang ride to Braithwaite Manor to get him back.

Who dies in a short walk in a pretty town?

Along with Archibald MacGregor and two other lawmen, the Sheriff comes out with a gun to Bill’s head, but is promptly shot in the head and killed by Arthur. In the next few seconds, Archibald and his two allies are subsequently gunned down by Arthur, or by Micah if the player isn’t quick enough.

Should I sell Penelope’s bracelet rdr2?

Beau and Penelope will get off the train. Arthur will receive a valuable bracelet as a gift. You can keep it for yourself and sell it e.g. at a fence or return it to the couple (positive honor).

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