Quick Answer: How To Get To Viper Manor No Boat?


How do you get into Viper Manor?

TAlk to Miki on the boat and that will open up the forest so you can go thru the sewers (Nikki is in there). Or talk to Korcha by Dario’s grave, then go to the bar. Guile is in there. Go back to Korcha and he’ll take you around back and let you go up the cliffs.

How do you get a boat in Chrono Cross?

The boat is the form of main transport to the different island locations in Chrono Cross. The boat is first gained when Serge and party need to get to the Water Dragon Isle and they go to Arni. It isn’t that much use of the boat but the old man by the docks that owns the boat lends it to them for a fee.

How do you get the hero’s medal in Chrono Cross?

The medal is acquired from a young man who prides at being dubbed a hero. In Chrono Trigger, a similar event occurs. A young man named Tata acquires the medal while playing in Denadoro Mountains and gladly relinquishes the item to save face.

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How do you get Pierre Chrono Cross?

How to Join. When in need of a guide to Viper Manor, show the Hero’s Medal to Pierre in the back of Zappa’s Smithy in Termina Another World. Nikki and Guile CANNOT join if Pierre does, however in New Game+ Pierre can join the party with both Nikki and Guile.

How do you unlock characters in Chrono Cross?

Get Karsh. Just like Glenn, Karsh is one of the four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons. Go to the back room of the ship in Another World’s Termina right after you finish the Dead Sea. Choose Karsh to help rescue Riddel. If you have chosen Zoah, Karsh will join after Riddel is rescued.

How do you get ice breath in Chrono Cross?

Boss Battle – Hi Ho Tank After the battle, head over to Rosetta and examine her. If she lives, reset and kill the tank again (but only if you’re after Razzly’s level 7 tech). The blue dragon awaits just beyond here. Talk to it and you’ll receive the Ice Breath and the FrogPrince summon.

How do you get safety gear in Chrono Cross?

Acquired: Head up toward the fungal stalks. Go all the way to the open clearing, then proceed to one of the men near by. Speak with one of them in order to receive the Safety Gear.

How many playable characters are in Chrono Cross?

The game contains a total of 45 playable characters.

How do you recruit Glenn?

Glenn is recruited in a not-so-obvious way. When given the choice to help Kid, choose not to help her. When Macha takes Serge into Termina for a brief amount of time, go to the entrance where you first met Glenn. You will see him have a conversation with the flower lady at the entrance once more.

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Who is Harle Chrono Cross?

Harle (ツクヨミ, Tsukuyomi?) is a mysterious harlequin aiding Lynx in Chrono Cross. Harle speaks with an interlanguage called Franglais, which is a blend of English and French, similar to Pierre. In her vocabulary of French words, she most often uses the words “moi” and “oui”.

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