Quick Answer: Osrs How To Get Into Ardougne Manor?


How do you get to ardougne Osrs?


  1. Ardougne Teleport – requires level 51 Magic and completion of the Plague City quest.
  2. There is also a Spirit tree south-west of the city below the south wall of West Ardougne.
  3. A Charter ship to and from Brimhaven.
  4. Teleportation – the player may teleport to the farming patch east of the Fishing Guild.

How do you teleport to ardougne Osrs?

Ardougne Teleport teleports the caster to East Ardougne market. The quest Plague City must be completed to cast this spell. Once completing this quest, players will receive the Ardougne teleport scroll. Once the player reads the scroll they will memorise the spell Ardougne Teleport and the scroll will crumble to dust.

What minigame is in ardougne?

Rat Pits
Type Minigame
Members Yes
Location Varrock Ardougne Keldagrim Port Sarim
Participants 2


How do I teleport to Kingdom of Kandarin?

Kandarin monastery Teleport is a Magic spell in all spellbooks. When cast, it teleports the player to the entrance of the Ardougne Monastery. It requires the player to have completed the easy Ardougne achievements.

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Is Waterfall Quest members only?

For its music track, see Waterfall (music track). This article has a quick guide found here. Walkthrough.

Start point Speak to Almera in her house north-east of the Baxtorian Falls
Member requirement Members only
Official difficulty Intermediate


When can I use fairy rings Osrs?

Players with level 85 in Construction can build a fairy ring in their superior garden. To use the fairy rings, players must complete the following quests:

  • The Restless Ghost.
  • Priest in Peril.
  • Nature Spirit.
  • Lost City.
  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains.
  • Started Fairytale II – Cure a Queen.

How do I get a Brimhaven Teleport?

There are several ways to get to Brimhaven, the quickest being the Teleport to House spell, assuming the player’s house is in Brimhaven. More ways include teleporting to the Karamja lodestone, the charter ships, the amulet of glory teleport to Musa Point, or via the ship from East Ardougne (requires 30 coins).

How do you cast ardougne Teleport spell?

Ardougne Teleport is a teleportation spell which requires level 51 Magic, the standard spellbook, and the quest Plague City to cast. It requires 2 water runes and 2 law runes to cast, granting 61 experience per cast. It teleports the caster to Ardougne market.

How do I teleport to Yanille Osrs?

The Yanille teleport is a magic tablet that can be broken by players to teleport just outside the Yanille house portal. It can be created at level 50 Construction by using a scroll of redirection on a teleport to house tablet.

How do I unlock alternate root Osrs?

Alternative Root is a music track that is unlocked in the Tunnel of Chaos.

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Does Runelite have a quest guide?

Using the Quest Helper Firstly, download the Quest Helper from the Runelite Plugin Hub. You should then see the quest helper icon appear in the Runelite sidebar. You can click it to see a list of all quests which you’ve yet to complete.

Where is the ardougne rat pit?

Rat Pits was removed after an update.

Rat Pits
Members Yes
Location Ardougne Sewers, South-East Varrock, Keldagrim East, Port Sarim
Participants 2
Skills involved None


How do you get around Kourend?

Transportation. Great Kourend can be accessed by speaking to Veos in Port Sarim on the northernmost dock. Doing so will take players to either the Piscarilius House, the easternmost section of the city, or Land’s End, the south-western docks near the Kourend Woodland.

How do I teleport to Rimmington?

There are several ways to reach Rimmington:

  1. Walking south from Falador, or walking west from Port Sarim.
  2. Casting Teleport To House if the player-owned house is in Rimmington.
  3. A skills necklace can be used to teleport to the nearby Crafting Guild.
  4. The fairy ring to the south on Mudskipper Point, AIQ.

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