Quick Answer: Waterdeep Heist Where Is Mirt’s Manor?


Is mirt a Harper?

Mirt was a Harper as well as a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.

Where is the yawning portal on the waterdeep map?

The Yawning Portal Inn, located on Rainrun Street in Castle Ward, between Castle Waterdeep and Snail Street, is perhaps the most famous tavern in all the Sword Coast.

How much does a house in waterdeep cost?

Waterdeep is like New York, so property is expensive. It costs 1200 GP just to fix it up, so to say it was bought for any less than 20,000 GP is crazy.

Where is waterdeep located?

Waterdeep is a fictional city-state that forms part of a popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game campaign setting called the Forgotten Realms. It is a port city that is located along the western coast of the Faerûn sub-continent.

What level is elminster?

As a high- level wizard, Elminster was capable of taking on almost any appearance imaginable. In his natural state, Elminster was an old man with a gray beard, gruff voice, and weathered features but with alert eyes.

What does mirt mean?


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Acronym Definition
MIRT Mobile Infra-Red Transmitter
MIRT Minority International Research Training
MIRT Major Incident Response Team (UK)
MIRT Multi-Functional Independent Review Team (US Air Force)

How much does a room at the yawning portal cost?

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: The Yawning Portal Inn is currently in production at WizKids, and will retail for $349.99 when it goes on sale in April 2021.

How deep is the hole in the yawning portal?

The Yawning Portal is so named because in the centre of the main room is a giant 40-foot wide shaft that descends nearly 200 feet into cavernous Undermountain.

What is a Nimblewright?

Nimblewrights were humanoid-shaped constructs that were typically employed as bodyguards, assassins, or spies.

What is Trollskull Manor worth?

The renovation is roughly 1000 gold so I put the structure at 2500-3000. The big question is the value of the location. I’m guessing arbitrarily 1500-2000 so final value is 4000-5000 gp minus taxes, commissions and inspections.

Where do rich people live in waterdeep?

Waterdeep’s wealthiest ward is notable for the many-spired, grand homes of the nobility, the gleaming edifices of the city’s leading temples, and the imposing towers of the city’s premier wizards.

Where do humans live in faerun?

Halruaa – Human: A land where it seems that everyone knows something of the wizard’s art, Halruaa lies on the southern coast of Faerûn. The Hordelands – Human: Also known as the Endless Wastes, the Hordelands are home to the fierce Tuigan tribes.

What planet is faerun on?

The sub-continent of Faerûn is set in the northern hemisphere of the planet Toril, or, more formally, “Abeir-Toril.” The “landmass of approximately nine and a half million square miles”. Faerûn is the western part of an unnamed supercontinent that is quite similar to real-world Afro-Eurasia.

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