Quick Answer: West Of Loathing When Should I Go To Gun Manor?


How do I get to gun Manor West of loathing?

To your left, outside the main manor entrance to the first floor, you can encounter Florence the Ghost Hunter, a pardner-like NPC. Talk to her to open the main doors to the manor. Past the house on the left is the Gun Manor Hedge Maze, while right of the carriage house you can find the Gun Manor Visitor Center.

Where do you get chalk in west of loathing?

Retrieve the chalk from the chalkboard in the Gun Manor Children’s Quarters. The geometry textbook can be found in the Gun Manor Tween Room.

How do you make chili in west of loathing?

You can use the stove to make chili, assuming you have the quest from the hungry hungry ghost, have acquired the chili spices, a pile of loose chili beans, and have looked up the recipe for chili in the dictionary. You should also restrain yourself from adding your gun to the chili.

Where do you get lockpicking in west of loathing?

There’s one in Dirtwater, there’s a Buttonwillow’s store North of Dirtwater, there’s Wandering Sally who you can find by wandering. And the trading post in Breadwood.

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Where is the necromancer in west of loathing?

The Necromancer’s Tower is located northwest of Fort Memoriam. It is only unlocked by finding all clues that go in your Necromancer Journal. This location contains the terminal event in the necromancer sidequest.

How do I fix the elevator in west of loathing?

You’ll need a pick to open the box. The elevator needs 3200Ibs in order to work. There are 3 bolts that adds weight to the elevator. Each bolt adds a specific amount to the elevator. In order to add up to 3200, you need to:

  1. Tighten Bolt #3 4 Times = 1644.
  2. Tighten Bolt #5 2 Times = 590.
  3. Tighten Bolt #7 6 Times = 966.

How do you get the missing mail in west of loathing?

Missing mail

  1. Speak with Reginald in the Breadwood Bunkhouse. He will point the way to Postal Way Station.
  2. Travel to Postal Way Station.
  3. Inspect the paper stacks.
  4. Inspect the cabinet full of maps.
  5. Travel to Dirtwater to ask about the maps.
  6. Return to Postal Way Station.
  7. Inspect the maps once again.
  8. Travel to Chuck’s House.

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