Quick Answer: What Happens To The Item In Oogie’s Manor?


How do I get back to Oogie’s Manor?

You just go back the way that you went the first time. Check the little gravestone to make the hill extend to get to the next area, then just head through the gate to the manor.

How do you beat Oogie Boogie Manor?

Oogie’s Manor is a Disney boss original to the Kingdom Hearts series. After Oogie Boogie is defeated for the first time in Kingdom Hearts, he fuses with his manor to create a giant boss. In order to defeat it, the seven Shadow Globs possessing it must be destroyed.

Are any Dalmatians missable?

Nothing is missable, especially the Dalmatians. So simply put, all Dalmatians are accessible so long as you have the right abilities.

Where are the chests in Halloween Town?

At the bottom of the ruins near the guillotine is a Chest with Dalmatians 40, 41 and 42. There is also a chance of encountering a Chimera in this area. It will appear after you beat a few waves of Wight Knights.

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How do you open the green door in Kingdom Hearts?


  1. just go down to the botom and there will be tons of heartless and be perparedto use alot of potions for the boss.
  2. After you take down lock, shock, and barrel, jump all the way off of his house.
  3. To find the green door, return to the mansion’s entrance. (
  4. At the back of Oogie’s house, isn’t it?

How do you beat Lock Shock and Barrel?

The trio is fairly easy to defeat; begin by taking out Lock and his annoying slingshot attack. He will leap very high to avoid you. Then change your Lock -On to Shock; be careful when she goes into her spinning attack.

Is Halloween Town a Disney?

Halloweentown is a 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie released in October 1998 to acknowledge the holiday of Halloween.

How do you unlock Hollow Bastion?

You just have to go back to the Select World screen when the disembark screen for Neverland appears, and then you’ll be able to fly to Hollow Bastion.

Where is the green door in Halloween Town?

Run along the Wooden Walkway until you get next to the big metal thing that looks like a mouth. Jump off and land on the Stoneish looking platform and run toward the iron fence. On that platform you can find a Green Door with a face on it.

Are there Missables in kh3?

Technically speaking, there are no missable trophies. That’s because anything you do miss can be completed before finishing the game. At the end of the day, Kingdom Hearts 3’s trophy list can best be summed up as a list that requires you to find virtually every collectible in the game before completing it.

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Are there Missables in Kingdom Hearts?

Nothing is missable in KH1.

Where is the red Trinity in Oogie’s Manor?

Actually the red trinity (after Oogie ) is on the arch of the Manor Ruin’s map. And the chests on the in the hole in the middle of the area where Oogie’s manor used to be.

Where is the keyhole in Halloween Town?

Halloween Town: The Keyhole is hidden underneath the tree holding Oogie’s Manor. After Oogie/the Manor collapsed in the following battle, the Keyhole appeared.

Where are the Dalmatian puppies in Halloween Town?

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Dalmatians Abilities Needed Chest Location
Traverse Town
Halloween Town
40, 41, 42 Glide On a platform on the left in the Bridge area just before reaching Oogie Boogie’s Manor
64, 65, 66 None A secret doorway to the left of the hovering platform in Moonlight Hill after defeating Oogie Boogie


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