Quick Answer: What Was It Really Like Downstairs In A Manor House?


Do estates like Downton Abbey still exist?

But it turns out that modern day versions of Carson, Mrs. Hughes and the rest of the staff at Downton Abbey still exist today. Many of the great houses of England prevail (though they are as likely to be occupied by international billionaires with superyachts as they are by aristocrats).

Did servants live upstairs or downstairs?

It was essential that servants were close at hand, so they were given their own specific floors, usually the lowest and the highest.

Did Downton Abbey have indoor plumbing?

Most of the bedrooms featured on the Downton Abbey TV show had en suite bathrooms. Yes, the toilets flushed. At that time most middle class households had indoor flush toilets, so the kind of household the fictional Downton Abbey represents would certainly have had the latest flush toilets and a proper bathroom.

Do ladies maids still exist?

Quaint terms, but somewhat obsolete, for Lady’s Maids are companion, confidante, domestic, lady’s attendant, lady -in-waiting and waiting woman. A lady’s maid would also mend and alter garments when needed. In those days, people wore elaborate clothes with many more accessories and accoutrement than today.

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Why did Matthew Crawley have to die?

Dan Stevens – Matthew Crawley Fans were devastated when Matthew died after the birth of his son after being involved in a car accident. His death took place in the Christmas Day special, so Merry Christmas to all of the viewers there! In reality, Dan left the show for new opportunities.

How much does a butler cost per day?

This will depend on their experience, geographical location and the services required. However, if a butler is just required for some hourly work or the day, the costs of a butler can be around $200 to $1,000 for the day or $30 to $50 per hour, with a minimum hourly requirement.

Did middle class Victorians have servants?

The Victorian period in Britain saw a peak in the numbers of servants employed in households. All upper class houses had several servants, and most middle class households aspired to have at least one or two servants. In 1871 over 4% of the population was employed ‘in service’, the vast majority of them women.

Did servants sleep in cupboards?

In the early 1800s, servants slept in the kitchen or in cupboards under the stairs. Later in the century, they were given the attics as bedrooms, which were cold, damp and dimly lit. Often, however, men continued to sleep downstairs to guard the plate.

Do English people still have servants?

Certainly there are now many people working in service, and there are no shortage of families wanting to hire professional domestic staff—but in London that probably has to do with the sheer number of wealthy people arriving in the capital to set up new homes, and almost nothing to do with Downtown Abbey.

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Did Highclere Castle have bathrooms?

After dinner, coffee will be served in the Library before the guests retire to one of the principal bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom and views over 1,000 acres of rolling parkland. Before departing the next day, guests will enjoy a delicious breakfast prior to a private tour of Highclere Castle’s extensive grounds.

How much was Maggie Smith paid for Downton Abbey?

2 Maggie Smith – $8 Million She was acid-tongued Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey and Professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter. Nice little earners. But she has, not very diplomatically some say, come out and said she found neither of those roles very satisfying. Lucrative, yes.

Is Highclere Castle worth visiting?

Highclere Castle is well worth a visit, the house and grounds are stunning as was the Egyptian exhibition. As avid Downton Abbey viewers it brought the whole series to life. The guides in the house were very knowledgeable and most helpful.

What is a female butler called?

TL:DR – a lady butler is called a butler. She’s still a butler. Traditionally, a butler used to be a male position so the word butler may have male connotations. However, more and more females have become interested in this position and it is now gender neutral.

Can a lady in waiting get married?

The Elizabethan Lady in Waiting was expected to accompany Queen Elizabeth I on her frequent processions throughout England, attend State functions and important occasions, attending to all of the requirements of the queen. A Lady of Waiting was not allowed to marry without the prior consent of the Queen.

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What is a female valet called?

A valet or “gentleman’s gentleman” is a gentleman’s male servant; the closest female equivalent is a lady’s maid.

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