Readers ask: How Do I Buy The Manor In Fable 2?


Can you buy reavers House Fable 2?

It is not possible to purchase the manor, even though Reaver says he has vacated it when making a judgement as King or Queen on the future of Millfields.

How do you buy the castle in Fable 2?

Your task is to buy the most expensive property in the game, the Fairfax Castle. It costs 1000000 gold coins. After you buy it, talk to the butler. He’ ll tell you to take a look around the castle.

How do you buy the cemetery mansion in Fable 2?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Cemetery Mansion is the large house located in Bowerstone Cemetery. It is the mansion of Victor the gravekeeper, whom you help during the Love Hurts quest. After completing the quest, you may buy the mansion for 100,000 gold, which starts a quest of the same name.

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What is the best house to buy in Fable 2?

The best house to buy in the whole game is the Cemetery Mansion, unfortunately it costs the same as Fairfax Castle (1mil), so you’ ll have to stick with the Bookshop.

What is the most expensive house in Fable 2?

Fairfax castle, 1 million, you have to beat the game.

Can you buy Bloodstone mansion?

Bloodstone Mansion is the largest house in Bloodstone and belongs to Reaver, the Hero of Skill. It is three storeys tall and a hidden entrance to an escape route used in the quest Bloodstone Assault. It is available for sale or to rent out after the main storyline is completed.

Where is the bed in Castle Fairfax Fable 2?

go to the throne room. Go to the door in the north-east corner. Go up the stairs and down the hall and you are there!

Where is the castle in Fable 3?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Bowerstone Castle
Fable III District of Bowerstone
Location Information
Related Quests Life in the Castle Leaving the Castle The Weight of the World Traitors Fetch/Courier
NPCs Jasper Logan Walter Beck Elise/Elliot Laszlo Hobson Reaver Page Kalin Sabine Samuel

Where are all the silver keys in Fable 2?


  • Bandit Coast.
  • Bloodstone.
  • Bower Lake. 3.1 Guild Cave.
  • Bowerstone. 4.1 Cemetery. 4.2 Market. 4.3 Old Town.
  • Brightwood.
  • Fairfax Gardens.
  • Oakfield. 7.1 Wellspring Cave. 7.2 Echo Mine.
  • Rookridge.

How much is the cemetery mansion in Fable 2?

To get this quest you’ ll have to buy the Bowerstone Cemetery Mansion for a cool 100,000 gold.

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What house does Lady GREY like in Fable 2?

Other than those few she’ ll hate everywhere, sadly Graveyard Mansion is NOT advised and quite often she hates Bloodstone, so unless you get lucky with her Likes/Dislikes your only choice is Castle Fairfax or Brightwood Tower.

Where is bowerstone cemetery fable2?

Bowerstone Cemetery is a district of Bowerstone found in Fable II where the dead of the city are buried. A few visitors, guards, and Hollow Men can be found, as well as a Hobbe ambush. Wiki Targeted (Games)

Location Information
Exits Regions Bowerstone Old Town Dungeons Shelley Crypt

Where is the cheapest house in Fable 2?

Gypsy Camp is in Bower Lake. Great place, full of poverty and all the houses (caravans) are 700-999 gold.

What is the fastest way to make money in Fable 2?

When you first begin the game, get a job as a blacksmith. The blacksmith job is the most difficult way to make money in Fable 2 but when you start out, it is the most readily available. Work your way up to a 5 star Blacksmith until you’ve earned roughly $50,0000 to $60,000.

What is the best sword in Fable 2?

Here are the 10 best legendary weapons in Fable 2.

  • 8 The Rammer.
  • 7 The Perforator.
  • 6 The Calavera.
  • 5 The Red Dragon.
  • 4 The Wreckager.
  • 3 The Hammerthyst.
  • 2 Royal Sceptre.
  • 1 The Daichi.

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