Readers ask: How To Beat Matchington Manor Level 77?


Can you skip a level on Matchington mansion?

Spend Your Coins To Continue The Game Coins can be spent on various things, but it is best if you hold on to them first. If you fail a level, you will still have the chance to continue if you have a lot of coins. You just need to pay 500 coins to add 5 more moves to your counter.

How many levels are there in Matchington Mansion 2020?

However, after playing Matchington Mansion for about 120 levels, the Game Designer in me is relieved. It’s not only just a clever marketing ploy. Defying all of my initial expectations, Matchington Mansion is actually a decent game!

How do I get rid of the mouse in Matchington mansion?

You need to match next to the boxes to destroy them, some may take more than one hit. Once a box is destroyed if there was a mouse inside it will move to a neighbouring box to hide there. If there is no neighbouring box to move to then the mouse will be captured. Match next to the book to clear it.

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How do I send a life in Matchington mansion?

Matchington Mansion: How to Send Lives

  1. Click the lives icon on the top left.
  2. Alternatively, go to your Friend Page, click the blue gift box on the friend’s bar, a life will be sent to your friend.

How do you get more stars on Matchington?

The easy and simple way to earn Stars and Coins is by reading more numbers of stories and chapters in the game. The resources are earned by completing more chapters and by reading more stories. One should earn enough keys by applying the Matchington Mansion cheats.

What does the broom do in Matchington mansion?

The Broom removes a whole column and row of elements without using a move. To use this booster, tap the Broom icon and then the pillow or obstacle that you want to remove. You can buy the Broom when you’re already playing a level or get it as a reward during events.

Can I play Matchington mansion on my laptop?

You can play Matchington Mansion on your computer with the most convenient Android emulator available. Use the free BlueStacks app for PC and Mac to play Matchington Mansion and any other Android-enabled app or video game on your computer or laptop.

What is the wish tree in Matchington mansion?

As you’re looking at the mansion before entering the front gate, it’s on the left at the end of the fence. It’s a scrawny tree at first that gets bigger as you upgrade it with smiley faces.

How do the mirrors work in Matchington mansion?

Mirrors need to be cleared. When you match next to them they will be replaced by a cushion of the colour that was matched. You can also destroy them with rockets and bombs which just removes them.

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How do I add friends on Matchington mansion?

How do I invite friends to play Matchington Mansion?

  1. Connect to Facebook from either the title screen or Settings.
  2. Find your friend list under the left bottom button. Tap the “ Invite “ button at the end of your friend list.
  3. Invite your Facebook friends to play. Related articles.

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