Readers ask: On The Fief, What Was One Job Of The Lady Of The Manor?


What was the lady of the manors job?

Her major role was to provide children for the lord of the manor. Large families were the norm in the Middle Ages as the mortality rate for children and babies was so high. Many woman made arrangements for the care of their children in case they themselves died during childbirth.

How did the lady of the manor treat the sick?

They also made their own medicines to sell to the sick. Women treated most illnesses and knew a wide range of remedies. Sometimes the local wise woman or lady of the manor was called to use her skills and knowledge. Women acted as MIDWIVES.

What were the duties of a lady in medieval times?

Most people in medieval Europe lived in small rural communities, making their living from the land. Peasant women had many domestic responsibilities, including caring for children, preparing food, and tending livestock.

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What jobs did the lord of the manor do?

The Role of the lord of the Manor From here the lord of the manor would preside over complaints of the people in his manor and oversee the running of his farm lands on the manor. His role also revolved around his Oath of Fealty to his immediate superior, a great noble or even the King.

What did a lady of the house do?

: the female family member who has the most responsibility for taking care of and making decisions about the household Is the lady of the house at home?

What did lords and ladies eat?

A lord might have white bread, three meat dishes, three fish dishes (more fish on a saint’s day) and wine or ale to drink. Eaten at sunrise. It would consist on dark bread, probably made of rye or barley, with ale to drink. Eaten between 11 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

What does a lady of the manor mean?

a lady having jurisdiction of a manor; also, the wife of a manor lord.

What is Lord of the Manor title?

The title Lord of the manor is a feudal title of ownership and is legally capable of sale. My official Lordship of the Manor title is known as James Dobson, Lord of the Manor of County Roscommon.

What did the lady of the manor wear?

The medieval lady wore clothes made of fine silk, wool or fur. They were more colourful than the clothes of the poorer people. In the winter she often wore a fur coat or a cape.

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What did female serfs do?

Most of the peasants were Medieval Serfs or Medieval Villeins. Women were expected to help their peasant husbands with their daily chores as well as attending to provisions and the cooking of daily meals and other duties customarily undertaken by women.

What was life like for ladies in the Middle Ages?

The daily life of the Lady would include discussions on tournaments, betrothals, marriages, poetry and courtly love. A Medieval Lady would be expected to oversee the education of the upper class girls who had sent to their households. A Medieval Lady had to be able to take their husbands places at all times.

What were the advantages of living in a town in medieval times?

There were many economic opportunities for merchants, tradespeople, and artisans living in Medieval cities. There were social activities as well. I would have preferred to live in the country where it wasn’t so crowded and to be away from the issues of filth and risks of disease so common in Medieval cities.

What are the 4 levels of feudalism?

The feudal system was just like an ecosystem – without one level, the entire system would fall apart. The hierarchies were formed up of 4 main parts: Monarchs, Lords/Ladies (Nobles), Knights, and Peasants/Serfs. Each of the levels depended on each other on their everyday lives.

What was a typical manor like?

What was a typical manor like? Large house/castle, pastures, fields and forest with peasants working on it. The serfs probably didn’t like the manor system because they were treated like slaves.

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What rights did manor workers have?

Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the manor who owned that land, and in return were entitled to protection, justice, and the right to exploit certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence.

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