Readers ask: Uncharted 4 How To Escape The Manor?


How do I get out of the cave in Uncharted 4?

Climb up the wall on the left side of the cavern, passing up and to the left of the hanging skeleton. Once you get as high as you can, jump to the ledge on your right. After it crumbles, edge to the right and complete the QTE to yank the climbing piton out of the wall.

How do you get into new Devon in Uncharted 4?

Jump from frame to frame to reach the climable section of the large wall leading into New Devon. Pull up onto the ledge and jump to catch the cage above you, the climb to the top of the wall to trigger a cutscene.

How do you get to the ballroom in Uncharted 4?

At the far end is a large crate – pull it out from under the platform, then take cover as two more guards approach. Eliminate them in the long grass, then climb onto the crate to reach the roof. Grab onto the wire leading down to the ballroom to trigger a short cutscene.

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How do you rappel down in Uncharted 4?

You can grapple to a grapple point while standing, running or jumping. button and and press up or down on the left analog to move up and down the rope. Just like with a rope-like object, Nate will hold out his hand toward a ledge when he can jump to it safely.

How do you solve puzzles in Uncharted 4?

To solve the puzzle, you need to go around to the front and interact with each of the crucifix statues to move the two beams of light they shine so they trigger the sensors on the doors. Working from left to right, use the first statue (Dismas) to light the top right and bottom middle targets.

How many chapters does Uncharted 4 have?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has 22 chapters – but you’ll actually play through 24, as there is a prologue and an epilogue.

Where are the treasures in Uncharted 4?

From the main menu, it’s under Extras > Statistics. In the main menu’s Chapter Select screen, you can see how many collectibles are in each chapter you’ve completed. Just like its predecessors, there are no maps in Uncharted 4.

How do you jump in Uncharted?

Like climbing, pressing X will execute a jump with the Left Analog indicating the direction in which you’d like to jump.

How do you climb the rope in Uncharted 3?

You’ll be going from the right to the left, close to the top of the boar, across a set of exhaust vents, swinging towards a little platform with a broken railing. Every time you get to a rope swing, ask yourself “am I swinging across a set of vents?” If you are, climb up. Repeat until you find it.

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How do you throw a rope in Uncharted 4?

By pressing L1 in specific areas, players can toss a line of rope that will initiate a swinging motion, allowing them to leap from setpiece to setpiece. You can also use it as a rappelling tool and as a vine of sorts, ensuring a safe fall.

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