Readers ask: Where Is Green Door In Oogies Manor?


Where is Green Door in Halloween Town?

Run along the Wooden Walkway until you get next to the big metal thing that looks like a mouth. Jump off and land on the Stoneish looking platform and run toward the iron fence. On that platform you can find a Green Door with a face on it.

Where is the keyhole in Halloween Town?

Halloween Town: The Keyhole is hidden underneath the tree holding Oogie’s Manor. After Oogie/the Manor collapsed in the following battle, the Keyhole appeared.

How do I get back to Oogie’s Manor?

You just go back the way that you went the first time. Check the little gravestone to make the hill extend to get to the next area, then just head through the gate to the manor.

Where do you find Sally in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit Sally appears in Dr. Finkelstein’s lab.

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Is Halloween Town a Disney?

Halloweentown is a 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie released in October 1998 to acknowledge the holiday of Halloween.

How do you get the chest in Halloween Town?

Open the Chest underneath the bridge for a Flare-G. Climb back up and jump to the left side of the bridge to net a Meteor-G from the Chest. You can reach the Chest on the opposite side if you jump from the small ledge.

What is there to do in Halloween Town?

Spirit of Halloweentown Events and Attractions

  • Lighting of the Great Pumpkin.
  • Bonfires.
  • Costume contests for humans and pets.
  • Parades.
  • Live music.
  • Street performances.
  • Haunted tours.
  • Pumpkin patch.


Which world is Halloween Town?

Halloween Town was filmed in St. Helens, Oregon. It is said that every year the town celebrates the season by hosting “the Spirit of Halloween Town Festival” from mid-September to October 31.

How do you beat Oogie Boogie Manor?

Oogie’s Manor is a Disney boss original to the Kingdom Hearts series. After Oogie Boogie is defeated for the first time in Kingdom Hearts, he fuses with his manor to create a giant boss. In order to defeat it, the seven Shadow Globs possessing it must be destroyed.

How do you open the green door in Kingdom Hearts?


  1. just go down to the botom and there will be tons of heartless and be perparedto use alot of potions for the boss.
  2. After you take down lock, shock, and barrel, jump all the way off of his house.
  3. To find the green door, return to the mansion’s entrance. (
  4. At the back of Oogie’s house, isn’t it?
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How do you beat Lock Shock and Barrel?

The trio is fairly easy to defeat; begin by taking out Lock and his annoying slingshot attack. He will leap very high to avoid you. Then change your Lock -On to Shock; be careful when she goes into her spinning attack.

Is Nightmare Before Christmas in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom Hearts II It is based on Tim Burton’s classic stop-motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The world also houses the Christmas Town, an expanded part added in Kingdom Hearts II, located through a door in the Hinterlands.

How do you get to Hollow Bastion?

To get here, enter the new warp point that’s appeared on the map near Traverse Town. Thankfully, the route through the Bastion is just a little simpler this time around. Enter the double doors at the main gate and bear left up the stairs to the Library, just like before. Then, go up the stairs to the second floor.

Where are all the puppies in Kingdom Hearts?


World Numbers Location
Hollow Bastion 61, 62, 63 Grand Hall
91, 92, 93 Rising Falls
94, 95, 96 Castle Gates
97, 98, 99 High Tower[ KH I]


How do you beat Oogie Boogie in Kingdom Hearts 1?

After you’ve got Oogie cornered, attack him with the standard 3-hit combo and than IMMEDIATELY go into “summons” and summon Genie. Once Genie is summoned, just lock onto Oggie and use the “Show Time” command and this fight will be over in seconds. Now keep in mind that this strat only works on a level 1 run.

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