Readers ask: Where Is The Manor House On Revenge?


Where is the real Grayson Manor?

2340 Ocean Point Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405 | Zillow Called “the most coveted home on television” this residence is the inspiration and interior shot backdrop for Madeleine Stowe’s ” Grayson Manor ” on ABC’s popular television drama Revenge.

Who owns the Grayson house on revenge?

Grayson Manor was renamed Clarke Estate; after Amanda Clarke became the new owner of the mansion. The Clarke Estate was destroyed by Victoria Harper in “Burn”, however, considering how rich Amanda is; it is likely that she had the mansion rebuilt (off-screen) after Victoria’s death at the end of Season 4.

How much does the Grayson Manor cost?

The property last sold in 2005 for $12.2 million and was most recently on the market for $28 million. It’s currently listed for $25 million with Compass.

Where is Emily Thorne’s house?

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) – Own a home featured in four seasons of a popular TV show. The main character’s house from ABC’s Revenge is on the market in Southport. Revenge starred Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne. Her beach house in the show can be found on Pebble Shore Lane in the Landing.

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Is the mansion on revenge real?

While most commenters stipulate that the dwelling is not a real place, but a CGI-generated property created by Revenge production designers, that information is actually incorrect. As I have come to discover, Grayson Manor is an amalgamation of several different residences – one of which is located in Malibu.

Was Revenge actually filmed in the Hamptons?

Sadly, most of Revenge (including scenes shot at Emily’s beach house and Grayson Manor) are filmed on a soundstage at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio in Manhattan Beach, CA, not The Hamptons where the show is set.

What is Emily VanCamp net worth?

Emily VanCamp net worth and salary: Emily VanCamp is a Canadian actress who has a net worth of $8 million and salary per episode of $55,000.

Where did they film Revenge?

Revenge was filmed in Los Angeles & Southport in the United States of America.

How much is Emily Thorne worth in revenge?

“Illusion” reveals Emily’s birthdate as July 11, 1984, making her 27–28 years old during the events of season 2, which takes place in 2012. She has a net worth of $1 billion, as stated on the show (although’s biography states that “only Emily Thorne knows”).

Is Amanda’s baby really jacks?

Amanda awakens from her coma and Emily decides to tell her that Jack really is the biological father of their child, Carl. The Stowaway reopens, which brings the engagement of Jack and Amanda – as Declan and Charlotte rekindle their relationship.

Does Victoria Grayson die on revenge?

Her fate is revealed in Destiny. After Charlotte tells Emily something it’s revealed that Victoria is alive. During the argument, Victoria revealed to Amanda that her mother faked her death because she tried to kill Amanda.

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Does Amanda Clarke get revenge?

If so, go here. Amanda Porter née Clarke (formerly Emily Grayson and as an alias Emily Thorne) is the main protagonist of Revenge. She successfully cleared David Clarke’s name at the end of season 3, which led to the destruction of the Graysons, however, Amanda has not heard the last of Victoria Grayson.

Where is the Stowaway bar in revenge?

Stalk It: Porter’s Stowaway Tavern from Revenge, aka Daniel’s Bicycle Rentals & Sales, is located at 13737 Fiji Way, in the Fisherman’s Village shopping center, in Marina del Rey.

How much is Nolan Ross worth?

Nolan Ross is the founder/CEO of NolCorp, with a net worth of 19.8 billion dollars.

Did Amanda Clarke get Victoria’s heart?

You don’t want to see Amanda get off without any kind of pain or suffering,” she says. “She doesn’t have Victoria’s heart — that’s a strange and iffy thing. But the idea psychologically that Grayson will haunt her for the rest of her life is absolutely true.

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