Where Is Penn Manor High School?


Where is Penn Manor School District located?

The Penn Manor School District encompasses approximately 110 square miles.

Penn Manor School District
2950 Charlestown Road Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 17603 United States
Superintendent Dr. Michael Leichliter (2014 to 2019)
Administrator Chris Johnston, Business Manager


How many kids go to Penn Manor High School?

Penn Manor High School serves 1,625 students in grades 9-12.

When was Penn Manor High School built?

Built in the 1950s and partially renovated beginning in 1994, Penn Manor High School is undergoing a major renovation and construction project to assure it can adequately meet current and future educational needs. The project should be completed by summer 2022.

What school district is Millersville PA in?

County Municipalities & Schools

District Code Municipality School District Code
410 Manor Township 12
420 Marietta Borough 04
430 Martic Township 12
440 Millersville Borough 12


How many students are in the Penn Manor School District?

Penn Manor spans 113 rural square miles to the east of the Susquehanna River and encompasses five municipalities: Millersville Borough and Conestoga, Martic, Manor and Pequea townships. About Penn Manor.

Building Enrollment 2020
Penn Manor HS 1,632
District Total 5,471


When was Penn Manor School District founded?

On July 13, 1953, an agreement was signed by six school boards – Conestoga Township, Manor Township, Martic Township, Millersville Borough, Pequea Township and Washington Boro – to construct and operate a new junior–senior high school, to be named Penn Manor High School.

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What is Penn mansion?

Pennsbury Manor is the colonial estate of William Penn, founder and proprietor of the Colony of Pennsylvania, who lived there from 1699 to 1701. Penn had his manor built on an 8,000-acre (3,200 ha) parcel, part of his much larger grant of land from the Crown.

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